Turning it inside out: the Reverse Ranch side table

Posted by | February 06, 2015 | Building with Wood | No Comments

The first step to remodeling the bathroom cabinet was taking off the face frame and doors. (The replacement doors and frame will be shown in the next post.) The face frame was 2″ pine in varying lengths and the doors plywood. Once I saw the backside of the frame, the side that had been hidden and half-painted for 50 years, I knew I want to use it to make something. I started with a simple box, and then used the cabinet doors to make a fitted lid and tapered legs.

I love its graphic nature, and that it shows the hidden history of the bathroom and wood: the layers of paint and hinges, nail holes, original carpenter’s marks, and the color of paint chosen over the years, including bits of mustard yellow!

The original face frame was doweled together (and stapled), so I used biscuit joints to make the panels, then used dowels to make the box and attach the legs as well.




Pre-tapered legs

I made a jig to use for tapering the legs, but didn’t think to take a picture of it. Will try to remember to post later.