Coffee Table with Hidden Drawer

Posted by | January 08, 2015 | Building with Wood | No Comments
coffee table

So while I was shopping for wood for the bathroom vanity, I picked up quite a few pieces of odd pieces of wood from the cabinet shop: birch, a bit of walnut, honduras mahogany, a bit of pecan, and some stuff I still can’t identify. I wanted to try my hand at a coffee table, and also had some old painted pine (the blue-green bits) I had picked up off the curb from a remodel in a nearby neighborhood ages ago. With a bit of experimenting I found a combination of wood and patterns I liked a lot, so I began to edge glue them together. I glued one piece at a time usually, and did that to make three separate panels. Three panels because otherwise I would exceed the longest clamps I had. Also I had read the results would be better – more flat for one, but also since I had never tried edge gluing, I figured it’d be better for me to do it a bit at a time anyway.

I wanted to do something a bit different with the table, so I decided to use my new dado skills I learned from the vanity, and devised a way to make a hidden drawer, with a slotted lid. The drawer is made from 3/8 mdf leftover from the vanity, which I simply glued to the bottom of the table, and then added a couple of small metal angles with screws for good measure.


Slotted lid drawer

I biscuited the trim to the panels, but didn’t allow enough room for wood movement. The 45 miters at the end looked good at first, but depending on humidity will expand to a gap of 1/16 or so on each end. Not bad, but a bit distracting. I guess I’d either need to leave more room for the wood to move within the panels, or use a more flexible technique for putting on the trim.


At any rate, I loved how it turned out, and am eager to make more tables.