Closet shelves

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Bedroom closet

I made these two shelf systems by following directions from Ana White’s website. I used a Kreg jig for these, the first time I had tried it. Also, this was my first experience with drawers, and putting in drawer guides. Getting them spaced correctly is a little bit tricky, for sure, but in the end, it’s just a closet, so I didn’t fuss over them too much. I didn’t even edge band them, either. One big lesson from the unit above: I very nearly made it too big to fit. I had accounted for the angle, the ceiling height, and everything, I thought. But turns out the space where it was to go wasn’t exactly square. I spent quite a while wrestling it into the space, while barely being able to fit in the closet with it. I don’t think it’ll ever come out again. 🙂

The pictures below are for the office closet. I need to make a couple of more of these for the other side of the closet, but haven’t gotten around to it.

One last lesson from this project: the guys at the big box stores will really mess up your plywood if they try to rip it too fast. Evidently they don’t get much training, and nearly every cut I had to re-do, which is not exactly fun as these pieces are pretty wide and hard to manage for one person. (This only applies if you have to get it cut in order to get it home, as I do.)

Office Closet shelves

office closet installed