Bathroom Mirror

Posted by | July 29, 2015 | Building with Wood | No Comments

The resawed chunk of 2×6 alder.

I made the vanity mirror from a chunk of alder I had, cutting it down from 2×6 into useable pieces. Above is view after I cut it in half on my table saw – it’s hard to tell, but there’s two pieces there. I hate resawing wood on my table saw, as it takes a bunch of passes, and is a terrible mess, as the sawdust doesn’t seem to want to channel down, but up. And that last pass which actually completes the cut is nerve-wracking!


Here are the two pieces, which I have now turned into four. Notice the saw marks and unevenness from the re-sawing. I’ll fix that with the planer.



Much better! Sorry but I don’t have any picture after this. :/ Basically I cut the lengths to approximate size, routed a rabbit to fit the mirror into, and then cut the miters and assembled with biscuit joints. I cut the rabbit deep enough to accommodate a 1/4 piece of plywood which matched the mirror size. Then I used picture frame turn buttons to secure both the plywood and mirror in the rabbit.