Bathroom Floating Vanity

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Both bathrooms in my house are long overdue for updating. I started looking around at the vanities at the big box stores, and not only did I just not like the way they looked, they were shoddily made. It made sense to try to make my own. I picked up some alder hardwood, alder-faced plywood,  and alder mdf (for the cabinet panels) for a discount at a cabinet shop that was closing, and I was on my way. I pretty much made up this design, based on the size of the existing cabinet in the bathroom.

I had two new things to learn for this project –  making cabinet doors with a panel insert, and making box joints for the drawers with the new jig I had acquired.

Door Detail

Door Detail



Drawer Detail

For both of these tasks, the setup is critical. One thing I am learning – maybe a bit too slowly – is that you need to MAKE MORE THAN YOU NEED. For the stiles and rails for the cabinet doors, for instance – if you mess one up, you need to have extra. Otherwise, you’ll have to recut the dado, and it’ll never, ever match what you did before. So much better to waste a bit of wood that you don’t end up needing than waste HOURS and HOURS trying to get a piece to match a cut you did the previous week.

I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to hang it, but I’ll figure it out. 🙂